Orange Wholesale, international infrastructure and network operator

As a major global telecommunications network operator, our infrastructure is key in keeping customers connected and meeting their needs. Whatever the technology, we continue to deploy, maintain, upgrade, and make our networks accessible to as many people as possible. We take our responsibilities seriously because network coverage is the foundation of digital equality and developing value-creating services. The wholesale services we provide operators are central to our strategy and grouped within the Orange Wholesale division.

Orange Wholesale, a leader in its field, supplies data, voice and messaging services to more than 1,300 customers including telecom operators, internet players and content providers around the world. Through Orange Wholesale's 3,000 employees working on a worldwide basis, Orange helps to enhance the operator market by providing access to the most innovative, secure, and responsible networks and technologies.

We’re developing telecom infrastructure to provide the best possible support in meeting our customers’ needs

In France, Orange Wholesale supplies operators with fixed and mobile connectivity, interconnection and infrastructure solutions to respond to our customers’ specific needs.

Through the recently launched Orange Concessions, which oversees Public Initiative Networks (RIP), Orange supports local authorities in their digital development.

Through Orange Marine, we are a major international player as a cable ship owner and submarine cable specialist, at a time when undersea communications are becoming increasingly efficient and strategic for the global economy as they’re deployed across the seven seas.

Through our independent tower subsidiary TOTEM, we’re enhancing our infrastructure and providing new sources of growth in terms of infrastructure management and active equipment (antenna) hosting for all network operators. TOTEM currently manages more than 27,000 mobile sites in France and Spain.

We’re developing our international networks to extend connectivity to as many people as possible

We also offer international services, taking advantage of our expansive network coverage in Europe as well as in Africa and the Middle East, using the most efficient technologies. We’re recognized for the quality of our product and service offering. As a global leader in international voice and Tier-1 internet player, we also offer a broad range of reliable and flexible connectivity solutions (voice, IP and content distribution, bandwidth, messaging, roaming and security). We are committed to providing the highest levels of security and quality of service to meet our customers’ needs.

Orange Wholesale also buys services from other operators to extend our national coverage for consumer and business customers.

To optimize our networks, we have implemented initiatives in many countries to share domestic fixed and mobile networks with other telecom operators.

We are also developing international roaming agreements with operators around the world to offer our customers enhanced connectivity (voice and data) on the go.